How to Buy Designer Charms for Decorating Wedding Shoes

Wedding is an important part of your life. As a result, you need to get everything sorted even if it is small as it looks. The wife should be in a white dress and the husband in an elegant suit. The truth is that brides and grooms try to personalize their wedding suits and dresses. They add some little color, fun patterns, and flowers to the wedding hairstyle. Unfortunately, most brides and grooms forget to put some personal touch on their shoes. This is where designer charms come to your rescue. These are the different types of designer charms you should buy.

Wedding Date

Well, your shoes can show off the wedding date in style. You can do this by engraving it with designer charms that have a wedding date on them. This should be done carefully to avoid making it flashy, but to be just romantic. You can also add full names or initials and coordinate typography with invitation texts. Another option is to create the tradition of engraving your shoes permanently or during anniversary celebrations.

Love Symbols

At each step of your marriage, you should accompany it with a symbol of love. If your loved one is not with you, you can engrave his or her name on the shoe. Another option is to place an object on your sole such as a coin or cloth. Other than appearing stylish during your wedding, you can make it a ritual to embellish your shoes with luxurious relics.

Magic Drawings

You can find designer charms with magic drawings. If your partner loves classic things, then go for small and minimalist charms. Another option is to go for outfits such as Cupid and arrow.

What You Love

Maybe both of your pets are quite important in your life. If that is the case, you should engrave the paws of your cats, birds, and dogs on your shoe. In addition, you can select a spirit animal that accompanies them on this given occasion. You can draw your inspiration from movie phrases and illustrate the same in your shoes. If you can find special symbols the better.

Colors of Love

Maybe you want a simple but stylish look, so why not paint your shoes and add some designer charms on top? You are free to use the same color and a variety of shades from the wedding theme. In addition, you can add stars, metallic touches, and any effect you think can take your design to another level.

Memorable Phrases

The truth is that romantic legends are classic and timeless. You can be inspired by various poems, books, and songs or even say “I love you.”


With all types of designer charms discussed above, your shoes will not be smooth. In addition, if you like trying trendy suits and party dresses, it is a good idea to have multiple pairs of shoes. Once you know the designer charms you require, you can buy them online and have them shipped to your doorstep. Finding the right designer charms for both the groom and bride is not difficult.



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