The Evolution of Hair Extensions and Changes in Hair Trends

The history of hair extensions that dates back to the time of ancient civilizations is very long. The people then used natural materials like hair, wool, and plants to decorate and improve their hair. For years, hair extensions have undergone major development in their history, they have been shaped by cultural, technological, and fashion trends. Nowadays, they have become a preference of people who have decided to alter their hair or to add body and length to their natural hair. The article considers the development of professional hair extensions as a hair trend, which is in constant change over time.

Ancient Origins

Human hair extensions are not a new thing, having existed since ancient times, with the existence of traces of their use going as far back as ancient Egypt, where both males and females used wigs and hairpieces made from human hair, wool, and fibers. The early hair extensions were sometimes worn for social status reasons, and also for festivals and religious ceremonies.

Renaissance and Victorian Era

During the Renaissance time, women preferred complicated hairstyles, and to achieve them, they would use hair extensions. Wigs and hairpieces became more impressive, with complicated patterns and great decorations. In Victorian times, hair extensions were worn to create up-dos and hairstyles of any intricacy, and women relied on hairpieces and extensions to get the desired look.

20th Century

At the beginning of the 20th century, the use of hair extensions was not as prevalent as it experienced a decrease in popularity because short, natural hairstyles became fashionable. On the contrary, in the late sixties and the seventies, the hippie movement began to influence it which was accompanied by the fame of celebrities like Cher who were fans of long and wavy hair. Therefore, the use of hair extensions gained popularity again. It is due to this circumstance that we also had our first encounter with synthetic materials, which made hair extensions more affordable and available to a wider population.

Modern Trends

Modernly, hair extensions are found more and more popular than they ever were, and you can have different sorts of them such as clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, and sew-in extensions. It is the technology that drives the progress and creation of the best synthetic hair extensions, which look and feel just as natural as real hair. Hair extension has now been used in many ways: from lengthening and volume to adding color and texture to the hair.


Hair extensions are not an invention of the modern world. They have been around for centuries, first in the form of the simplest hairpieces that were made of natural material, and now superbly versatile extensions. It can be employed to make the most complex hairstyles or simply to accent a natural appearance with shine. Thus, the modern and latest hair extensions maintain their place in the trends of hairstyles. If you want to make yourself stand tall and confident, give them a try and you won’t regret your decision.



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